Sahih Muslim – Hadith Book

The book Sahih Muslim is a collection of Hadith, which are compiled by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, also known as Imam Muslim. Sahih is a Arabic word, which means authentic or correct. Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj was born into a Persian family in 204 AH and died in 261 AH. In Sahih Muslim, he include around about 4000 Hadith based on stringent acceptance criteria. Sahih Muslim consider second most authentic hadith book after Sahih Bukhari. The book also cover all areas of life which are faith, prayers, Friday prayer, festivals (Eids), Zakat, Fasting , Marriage, Suckling, Divorce, Transactions, rules of inheritance, Gifts, Drinks, clothes and adornment and many other areas also.

In this post you can download Urdu Version of Sahih Muslim in Pdf Format.

Download Sahih Muslim in Pdf

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Sahih-Muslim Vol-1
Sahih-Muslim Vol-2

Sahih-Muslim Vol-3
Sahih-Muslim Vol-4
Sahih-Muslim Vol-5
Sahih-Muslim Vol-6

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